Resources Page

Useful Downloads to Use With the Book

The Basic, Informational Flyer

Now that Spending Your Way to Wealth is officially published, we created an all-purpose flyer to spread the word. Feel free to download the PDF, print it out, or share it with your friends and family.

For Financial Services Professionals

The book is gaining traction with financial services professionals, who are using it to reach out to new clients, especially first-time investors, to help them better understand their own psychology when it comes to spending and investing. (A discount is available for firms buying multiple copies for their clients.)

Spilling Journal (Worksheet)

In Chapter 3, and in the Epilogue, the book describes the process of “spilling”—money spent in excess of what would otherwise meet a need, expressed in terms of its future, forfeited value. This Excel worksheet is designed to help you track how much you are spilling per month.

Once you have the amount spilled per month, use the Investorship calculator to figure our how much future wealth that spillage represents. (PLEASE NOTE: You cannot realize that wealth unless you spend it in an appreciating asset, such as an S&P 500-based index fund.)