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What Others Are Saying

This book is the perfect graduation gift for the high school or college student. It encompasses everything they don’t teach in school that you need to know to truly succeed in life.” (David Sievers, Author of Flowing Through Change)

Kudos to Paul Heys for this wise and lucid guide to financial and psychological wealth. By applying and simplifying economic and cognitive science, he shows us the path to both fiscal fitness and human flourishing.” (David Myers, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology, Hope College)

I wish someone had given me this book when I was younger. It would have directed my spending and investing in ways that would have made me rethink my career, relationships, and what I truly wanted out of life. Spending Your Way to Wealth is the kind of book that changes lives.” (Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D., Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place)

This book is not pop psychology; rather, it is informed by a solid scientific base. I believe it has the potential to become a best seller.” (Ronald E. Smith, PhD, Professof of Psychology, University of Washington