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Summary of Thinking, Fast & Slow

My book is a guide to the principles of Investorship. The notion that human behavior and bias affects our spending decisions is based on psychological research by Daniel Kahneman and others in the field of behavioral finance. Kahneman’s brilliant but rather lengthy book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, is well worth reading. But for those who need a quick introduction, here is a concise summary by Erik Johnson.

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Here you will find a library of videos from a variety of sources, including the author. Please feel free to share these with your friends and colleagues.

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Wise words about the psychology of spending, investing, and wealth may be found in many publications, websites, and blogs. Here is a sampling.


This page includes summaries and links to the latest podcasts featuring Paul Heys as a guest on the topic of Investorship.


Downloadable flyers, worksheets, and other useful materials accompanying the book, Spending Your Way to Wealth.