Spending Your Way to Wealth(s)

by Paul Heys


A Breakthrough Book on the Psychology of Spending, Investing, and Wealth(s)

Educators and financial professionals agree: fiscal literacy is an essential life skill. But something essential is too often missing: a real understanding of why we spend the way we do. Every day, perfectly normal people make spending decisions that have disastrous long-term consequences. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to spending and wealth, we can change from merely being normal to becoming normal PLUS.

Spending Your Way to Wealth(s) is all about that process. Written in an informal, relatable style, the book is a practical guide to applying valid psychological principles to how and why we spend. By applying the strategies clearly stated throughout the book, we can change our behavior—ensuring our potential, long-term wealth and personal satisfaction.

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What Others Are Saying About Spending Your Way to Wealth(s)

Paul’s book does a wonderful job of helping us understand the few most important decisions we must get right, as well as showing us how to protect ourselves from the worst impulses that tend to sink our financial ship.

Paul Merriman, Financial Contributor, MarketWatch

Kudos to Paul Heys for this wise and lucid guide to financial and psychological wealth. By applying and simplifying economic and cognitive science, he shows us the path to both fiscal fitness and human flourishing.

David Myers, Ph.D, Psychology Professor, Hope College

I wish someone had given me this book when I was younger. It would have directed my spending and investing in ways that would have made me rethink my career, relationships, and what I truly wanted out of life. Spending Your Way to Wealth is the kind of book that changes lives.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

This book manages to take the research on financial decision making and translate it into understandable and workable advice for general public. It also emphasizes that building financial wealth gives us the freedom to build non-financial wealth. Few investment books mention that “mere financial capital (money) doesn’t make a person wealthy.” This book does.

Pam Whalley, Director, Center for Economic and Financial Education, Western Washington University

This book is not pop psychology; rather, it is informed by a solid scientific base. I believe it has the potential to become a best seller.

Ronald E. Smith, PhD, Psychology Professor, University of Washington

I know Paul better than I know Warren Buffet, but I know them both well enough to see tremendous similarities in their investment style. Both have a tremendous grasp of the importance “temperament” plays in an investor’s success. They know how to take advantage of the investment opportunities that are created when emotion and mass hysteria infect the investment markets from time to time.

David Cohn, Former Regent, University of Washington

Spending Your Way to Wealth is far more than an eye-catching title. It is a groundbreaking exploration of behavioral finance. Young and old, personal and professional, novice and seasoned financial player alike can make their way through this book without ever feeling like they are lost. This book places ever-present issues in our everyday lives in a new light and gives us an opportunity to evaluate our ideas about wealth, value, and our personal relationship to these concepts.

Robert Band, CPA, CEO, and Author of Turning Profits into Fortunes

Paul Heys’ new book, Spending Your Way to Wealth, is a revolutionary look at what it means to be wealthy. Heys teaches people how to stop wasteful spending and invest their money in appreciating assets. This book should be recommended reading for everyone.

Robert Cannon, Financial Services Professional, New York Life

This book is the perfect graduation gift for the high school or college student. It encompasses everything they don’t teach in school that you need to know to truly succeed in life.

David Sievers, Life Coach and Author of Flowing Through Change