About Paul Heys

Author of Spending Your Way to Wealth

Paul Heys - author of Spending Your Way to Wealth

Paul Heys

Paul Heys is a former vice president of an international financial firm where he served as an advisor to individual investors, corporations and financial institutions. He is also a former CEO of an accounting and information processing firm, and a founding director of a commercial bank where he served as the chairman of its director’s loan committee. Prior to commencing his financial career (almost 50 years ago) Paul was a corporate pilot (commercial jet instructor rated). He is a retired Air Force officer.

Paul’s post-retirement concentration is behavioral finance. His activities during the past 20 years include writing and lecturing on various investment-related topics with a particular focus on the effect that spending has on long-term wealth accumulation and perpetuation. He collaborated with Dr. Ronald E. Smith, professor of psychology at the University of Washington and former director of its clinical psychology program. Their joint presentations on the psychology of investing and spending, under the registered trade name of Investorship Training,® have been acclaimed as possibly “the best investor course ever offered.”

A frequent guest speaker at civic and municipal events, Paul is often called upon to make presentations on cruise ships in various parts of the world, where people have responded to them as provocative, insightful, educational, and entertaining. One passenger at an event in Asia told the Cruise Director that the presentation was the highlight of the cruise. Another said they loved the way the presentation and the presenter made them think.

Paul’s new book, Spending Your Way To Wealth, which is available now. Its theme is that spending is the cause of wealth. However, our Normal, human nature too often causes us to spend in ways that forfeit future wealth. The book is a practical guide to the nature, type, and frequency of spending that will result in greater wealth—both financial and non-financial.